Greenspeed Box

Where cardboard boxes popularly sold and mass produced do form a major chunk of our business, we
are moving forward in providing differentiable solutions for giving your brand a notable identity.
Product Differentiation is everything, why not start with packaging!
We are focused on this fastest growing segment for packaging material users of Direct to Consumer
(D2C) brands and E-Commerce Companies and have attempted to solve the following problems of
such brands:

Quick packaging

per unit on packing line per packer - Your warehouse operator can pack 40% more orders in a single shift Safe, secure and tamper proof parcel with fiber tear adhesion.

Creating a superior unboxing experience

No clutter, no tools, just rip it open! A perfect packaging solution to give the INFLUENCER unboxing experience each time.

Sustainable Packaging Solution

You save the use of one time use plastic cello tape that takes 80 years to decompose naturally. Reduce your operational cost by handling one lesser vendor of packing material.

sustainable mono cartoons
eco-friendly e-commerce packaging

Save Operational Cost

pack more number of units per packer per hour.

Superior Unboxing Experience

make your package influencer ready!

Eco Friendly

Avoid use of cello tape, just rip the package open!

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